Search Engine Marketing

Brand you as top in the corporate world

Search Engine Marketing

We will be your Google ads manager for creating and optimizing Google PPC campaigns. We have a data-driven Google Ads expert in SEM and Digital Marketing and have completed 50+ projects locally and internationally.

  • Google PPC Search campaign
  • Keyword Research in all strategies
  • Bidding Strategies for Lowest CPC
  • Ad group setup in proper KW theme
  • Ad copy relevancy for high-quality score
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Audience targeting includes in-market audience
  • Ad extension
  • Calls only Ads
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Google AdWords management, Optimization, and report

Google Ads

Keyword Search Volume (SV) & Keyword Difficulty (KD) Check

Google Analytics

Low Competitive High Demanding (LCHD) Keyword Research

Have Google Ads certified expert team for SEM, We know how to create proper Adwords PPC campaigns to achieve your needs.

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