About Us


  • ADO FARM is a digital marketing agency that helps you find your target audience.

The Unity

We have formed the unity to make a successful project from the very beginning to mountain.

Design Excellence

AdoFarm. are characterized by their avant-garde design with contemporary lines and a clean look. Our stylish apartments combine the latest features with design innovations and new technologies for a greener product and a more sustainable environment. To consolidate this knowledge and to perpetuate this design ethos, we created InterStudio – our design and development team – a talented group of architects, engineers and design technologists. Building on our solid foundations of core design concerns – functionality, durability, comfort and safety – we aim to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

Total Quality

Behind this success is Total Quality Management.

We closely monitor our projects from the very beginning and even after construction is completed. Over the last two decades, our relentless pursuit for quality has led to many of the product innovations seen in Dhaka’s real estate, such as theatre kitchens and our famous rooftop gardens. Beyond our product innovations, Bay is proud of pioneering a completely original process in the real estate world. Our clients are brought in for early design involvement (EDI), which gives them the luxury of customizing their dream with a personal touch. The Bay Research and Testing Laboratory (BRTL), which carries out tests on materials, runs daily quality control at all levels. Our interior design teams works hard to assure quality work inside and out. Furthermore, Bay’s Facilities Management Department, consisting of security, cleaning, engineering, and management professionals, provides after-sales service and management.

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