Benefit of Yearly Plan

  • Free facebook promotion offer upto 2% each month of subscription
  • Rate: Upto Tk.120.00 per USD rate
  • Offering business partner
  • Long term promotion benefit
  • Association Investment Offer

Calculate your offer

Yearly Promotion Plan (BDT):
Maximum expenses amount/month Avg (9%):
Free Promotion/month (1%) :
USD $ Rate:

We are working on social media marketing to bring the industry top for the target audience. AdoFarm pricing are customized by learning the domain knowledge of your project before providing any estimate cost.

Yearly Promotion Packages
  • Yearly promotion plan indicates that you are going to promote or invest with the amount for atleast one year
  • The Free Promotion Offer as follows:
    • 1.0% of yearly amount for upto Tk.1 Lac
    • 2% of yearly amount for above 10 Lac.
  • You can close this plan before one year by requesting prior to one month.
  • Withdraw amount will be deducted from the benefit amount of
    • 70% within Three Months
    • 50% within Six Months
    • 30% before One year
  • Association Investment Offer
    • You may invest your liquid money where you can generate the smart monthly revenue from this project
  • Be a business partner
    • You can get all support from AdoFarm for your social media marketing financial support through your business recognition.

Regular Promotion Packages!

Note: USD cost BDT. 145.00 (above $100.00), 150.00 (below $100.00) + VAT (15%) applicable depend on your boosting plan.

Facebook Page Like Packages-
Ad Campaign 1 2 3 4
AD Duration Custom Custom Custom Custom
Like (Approx) 9k +/- Likes 25k +/- Likes 50k +/- Likes 100k +/- Likes
Total Cost Tk. 10,000 BDT Tk. 25,000 BDT Tk. 50,000 BDT Tk. 100,000 BDT
Facebook Post Boost Packages-
AD Packages Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
No. Of Post 1 Post 2 Post 4 Post 6 Post
Estimated Reach (+) 30k – 80k 45k – 125k 100k – 230k 200k – 330k
Total Budget $30 USD $50 USD $100 USD $150 USD
Total Cost Tk. 4,000 BDT Tk. 6,500 BDT Tk. 13,000 BDT Tk. 19,500 BDT

Facebook Advertising Content & Graphics Creation Service Packages-



Facebook page creation FREE*
Facebook page logo design BDT 1,000.00 - 5,000.00+ ($100.00 - $500+)
Facebook page banner design BDT 2,000.00 - 5,000.00+ ($200.00 - $500+)
Facebook Animation creation BDT 3,000.00 - 10,000.00+ ($100.00 - $1,000+)
*FB page creation is free with any FB service performed.

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